Bangalore Virtual Phone Numbers

What is a 'Virtual Phone Number'?

A virtual telephone number is a phone number used to forward incoming phone calls on to another telephone number. Virtual phone numbers are also known as 'virtual local numbers'.

In many cases, virtual numbers are used to forward calls to another country so that the inbound caller incurs only a local phone charge for their call. Often the incoming calls are forwarded via a VoIP internet calling service to reduce the cost of long-distance international calls.

Unlike normal phone numbers, virtual telephone numbers generally do not have an actual physical landline or mobile phone attached to them. Instead, the numbers are just an interim landing point for the inbound call which is immediately routed forward to the end destination.

Virtual numbers can be used for many purposes. Some examples:

  • Individuals use them to make it cheaper for family, friends or business associates in another country to reach them
  • Small businesses use them to take orders from customers based in another country
  • Large companies use them for customer service lines which are routed to call centers in other countries

Availability of Virtual Numbers in Bangalore

Virtual numbers are available in many countries around the world for purchase and use by individuals located in a different country.

However, there are many countries where virtual phone numbers are either not allowed or are not widely available. Oftentimes, since most all virtual phone numbers are enabled using VoIP internet calling technology, many countries limit virtual numbers to protect incumbent telephone companies from low-cost competitors.

Currently, India is one of those countries that limits virtual numbers due to restrictions on VoIP calling. In other words, at this time, no virtual telephone numbers are available in Bangalore, India.

But, there is very strong demand for India virtual phone numbers and changes in regulations may allow for numbers to become available soon.

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