Bangalore Dialing Instructions

To call Bangalore, India from countries worldwide, follow the dialing procedure shown below.

Dial Mumbai, India

Note that the procedure may vary slightly depending on whether you are dialing a Bangalore landline phone or a Bangalore mobile phone and/or if you are using a calling card or VoIP service.

Click here for detailed dialing instructions by country for selected countries.

Dial Bangalore from Any Country

Follow this dialing procedure to place an overseas international call from any country worldwide to landline or mobile phone numbers in Bangalore, India.

1. Dial your international access code / IDD:   xxx 

Dial your country's international access code (aka IDD) to initiate a phone call to Bangalore. Find the international access code / IDD for your country here.

Note that some mobile operators do not require an IDD for certain calls and/or allow use of substitute characters (such as '+') in lieu of dialing an IDD.

2. Dial India country code:  91 

Dial country code +91 to reach any location in India.

3. Remove '0' if one precedes your number

If your Bangalore destination phone number starts with a '0' - e.g., 080 45481800 or 094 45 123456, delete the '0'.

4. Determine if calling to a landline or mobile phone

Bangalore landline numbers are 8-digits and require a separate 2-digit area code. Mobile numbers are 10-digits and do not require a separate area code. Check here to learn how to tell landline vs. mobile phone numbers.

5. If calling a Bangalore landline phone number...

a. Dial the 2-digit Bangalore area code:  80 

b. Dial an 8-digit local subscriber number:  xxxx xxxx

6. If calling a Bangalore mobile phone number...

Simply dial the 10-digit mobile number:  9x xxx xxxxx

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Dialing Tips

  • If you are in an office or building with a main switchboard or PBX, make sure you have a live outside line by dialing '9' or similar
  • Some mobile carriers provide shortcuts for making international calls - generally, by changing if or how an IDD is dialed. E.g., Verizon allows you to dial direct to countries with 10-digit phone numbers under the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) and t-mobile allows you to dial a '+' instead of an IDD.
  • Most VoIP services do not require an IDD - but VoIP dialing procedures vary widely, so check dialing for your service carefully
  • Make sure you don't have an extra '0' in your number (see step #3)

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